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Rank image Rank title Minimum posts Definition
Rank imageAlpha Tester Rank titleAlpha Tester Special Rank This Rank applies to all NCR Discord Members who signed up for the forum when it first launched.
Rank imageHonorable Nightcore Artist Rank titleHonorable Nightcore Artist Special Rank This Rank applies only to a select few.
Rank imageNew User Rank titleNew User Special Rank What more is there to say...
Rank imageRegistered User Rank titleRegistered User Special Rank Registerd.
Rank imageSTAFF Rank titleSTAFF Special Rank This is a Rank for all Global Moderators.
Rank imageSite Admin Rank titleSite Admin Special Rank This Rank is only for the Site Administrator.
Rank imagePleeb Rank titlePleeb Minimum posts1 You are a Pleeb
Rank imageScrub Rank titleScrub Minimum posts5 You have deemed yourself worthy to be called a Scrub
Rank imageNoob Rank titleNoob Minimum posts10 You're still just a Noob
Rank imageAmateur Rank titleAmateur Minimum posts15 Amateur
Rank imageNovice Rank titleNovice Minimum posts20 Such is a Novice...
Rank imageNo Longer a Disgrace Rank titleNo Longer a Disgrace Minimum posts25 Good going, You're no longer a Disgrace
Rank imageNormie Rank titleNormie Minimum posts30 Normal...
Rank imageFilthy Casual Rank titleFilthy Casual Minimum posts35 Still just a Filthy Casual
Rank imageCasual Rank titleCasual Minimum posts40 Still just a Casual
Rank imageSemi-Appreciated Rank titleSemi-Appreciated Minimum posts45 You're now sort-of Appreciated but not really
Rank imageAppreciated Rank titleAppreciated Minimum posts50 You are finally Appreciated however Senpai will never notice you with this rank


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